WE67K-160T/3200 Genius 6+1 Axis CNC Press Brake with CT15PS

HARSLE WE67K-160T3200 has the ram positioning system, each cylinder operates independently and can program all ram positions, speeds and ram tilt, the accuracy can be up to 0.001mm, this feature along with programmable speeds is very useful when bending large sheets. The Z-axis can not only move in a left and right direction but can also be fine-adjusted vertically, which ensures bending accuracy within the controlled range, its front part is with tempering and other special treatments for long service life, the backgauge controlled by 4 axes is the key for more flexible bending, punch and die with special treatments for long and durable service, the punch is segmented for flexible bending of small-size workpieces, front arm on linear guide with ball design can ensure the plate will not be worn or scratched.